Creators of EDM Genre BLU X.  BLU X mix EDM with Rock and EDM with Funk/Soul.

A vivid performer Coast to Coast who accumulated loyal fans from all regions and ages.   With bands from CA,NY,AZ,Las Vegas NV,NJ, decide to focus a unique sound, appearance and style.  Both are Multi Instrument Vocal Performers.  Proven to be a unique Artist with enduring energy, charisma, style from colourful attire that fits the vibe of the current scene, to attire for the masses.  LIVE DJ, VJ Duo Rocking the House at TGI Fridays, or performing as a duo-full band with a blend of Club/Dance mix.

Jan 10 , 2020 [Lanoka Harbor, NJ] Layla Records Int'l, an independent label of Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, announced they will be releasing new singles and a new album from emerging artist MARYJANEROBI in Feb-Mar 2020.

It’s been a long time coming for this unique music artist now based in NJ.  From their early beginnings back in 2008 and their promo singles, MARYJANEROBI'S new Genre BLU X and sound has evolved from Rock/Progressive House into a more unique mix of EDM that can be described as their very own original Electric Bleuz sound.

In 2008 at Desertlive Studios Las Vegas decided to record six-song limited promo singles Blutronx Dance, released only to industry.  Followed up 2014 at LDP Music in Manasq. NJ by a 35 Limited promo LP Stereo Hi-Fidelity release to industry of an 8-song EP "Unveiled" Authentic Blutronx Dance CD. The CD is a unique blend of Club/Dance, Progressive Deep House and Rock released on Layla Records Int'l March 2014.  While 2012 they scored two singles "Baby D Bleuz" including the Sound Track "Take A Chance" for web series "Dating On Mars".  MARYJANEROBI was HOTBOX69 for the Web Series.  Prior EP singles “Sunset Sky","Baby D Bluez","Blutronx",and "Ain’t Got a Dollar" recorded at LDP Music, Manasq. NJ on CL Layla Records Int’l, amassed local mild acclaim. They Headlined Spring Fling Variety Show host by Mike Simone at Buddys Tavern 2015; was interviewed with 3 song performance on Stock Rock SSTV-Chan14 Stockton University. Been featured in "State of the Art Magazine" May-Jun 2015 edition by Angelo Acosta.  Entertained homeless at St.James Newark NJ for the famous "A Slice of Hope".  Made their debut at Jersey Shore Festival at Aztec Boardwalk May 2018,2019, and endorsed 2018 by Nady Systems wireless. esd

In 2016 at LDP Music in Lanoka Harbor has released 4 remixed EDM singles of their dated tracks including Dubstep version of "Quiet Moment" per PowerHouze Records. "Baby D Bleuz" and "Ain't Got a Dollar" remixed with distinct sound from prior recordings that gravitate toward their BLU X genre.  In 2018 debut BLU X ENERGY at Jersey Shore Festival in Seaside Heights, NJ with 2 slots at Aztec Boardwalk,and Capt. Hooks. EDM comes to the Jersey Shore as their poster displays.  While performing at Jersey Shore Festival (JSF) at Aztec, their photo was captured by press photographer "Chris Jordan" from part of USA Today Asbury Park Press and one of the few selected out of 260 acts. Since their appearance at JSF and release of their BLU X single "Choose Me" in 2018 have been endorsed by legend Nady Systems using their wireless mics and wireless systems.

2019 on iTunes, iHeartRadio, AppleMusic, Amazon.  After appearing again at Jersey Shore Festival (JSF) with 2 slots at Aztec Boardwalk, has returned with latest self titled debut Album LP Stereo High-Fidelity which features the raw and emotional lead vocals of Mary and Robbi. The record highlights the talents of both Robbi and Mary on guitars,bass,synths, pianos,drums,strings,organs and percussion. The unique synth controller work of Robbi and the driving rhythm on electric S-Drums, with Marys percussion keeps the groove going.  The album also includes four remixed versions of some of MARYJANEROBI'S material featuring original tracks with a distinct flair.  Other guest musicians from New Jersey include Tom Patrick on guitar synth lead on "Rhythm" that gives it a distinct captivating sound.

MARYJANEROBI'S sound is challenging to assimilate.  The unmistakable Rock sound is present on their new recordings with unique EDM sound of BLU X.  Their act delivers the Club/Dance vibe with Drums, Bass, Guitars,Synthesizers, and Percussion.  Mary's vocals reach BLU X ENERGY levels on "Choose Me","So Hold On","Baby D Bleuz" then returns to earth with the alluring vocals of “Take A Chance","Lovin My Baby" and "I know what I want".  Seering drone EFX , mesmorizing haunting vocals , Bigroom leads, Strings, Guitars, Bass, and Synthesizers give a feeling of euphoria, while leads on "Rhythm" provide a Psychedelic Mesmerizing Trip into void of tuning in and not dropping out that moves you.

The sound, style, and image of MARYJANEROBI is invariably infectious. It captures the mind and keeps the momentum enduring with the listeners.  You will crave more of their sound after listening to their BLU X  tracks.  Their Self Titled Debut Album is reserved for digital release on Feb-Mar 2020 and be available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, AppleMusic, Amazon and other distribution outlets. To learn more about MARYJANEROBI and follow this impressive artist, inhabit their website at, or search for them on internet.

Whether it be Las Vegas and Los Angeles Hotels, Night Clubs, Iconic Clubs, or NYC Taverns, Venues and Citifield.  From NJ Hotels, Shore Clubs, Country Clubs, University, Festivals, DJ TGI Fridays, Crown of India House Duo, to Phantom Club KY with music Legend "Tony Newton"; MARYJANEROBI will "Move Your Body to the Beat and Dance".